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On a sunny Sunday morning I had the pleasure of driving through the beautiful New Forest on my way to meet Katie and her Husband Matt at their home in Lymington. Katie had emailed me a few weeks ago as they wanted to mark the sons first birthday with some photos at home. Instead of traditional milestone 1stBirthday Photos they opted to book a family photography session with me. 


Before each photography session all of my families fill out a questionnaire, I ask them to tell me a little bit about themselves, what they hope to achieve from their photo session. I also questions about where the light it good in their home. This helps me plan our photography session and make sure we can get the most of your time with me. One of the questions I ask is if they might take some time to warm up to the camera ( or the person behind it) Most of the time people won’t know and that’s where I always take my time and play it by ear. 


When I first met Arthur, he was definitely unsure of who I was. I always say they can sense something isn’t normal on the day. Quiet often things have been moved , they are wearing new clothes or even that mummy has put on make-up and curled her hair. They sense everything and pick up on our vibes. That being said it didn’t take long for us to become buddies, quick slobbery chew of my keys gave me the green light to get the camera out, not before I’d finished my cup of tea J


The beauty of photographing at home is that it’s their own environment. They tend to be calmer and also you have everything to hand to keep them entertained if things start to go wrong. Being a mum of 3 has its benefits. I know that we can’t bribe a 12 month old. They don’t understand the concept. If he wants to get off the bed we get off the bed. I can follow you around and capture them as they play. As was the case with Arthur, he knew what he wanted to do and made sure we knew that turning his bubble machine off was absolutely not okay! We even paused he session so he could have something to eat. I like to make it as stress free as is possible with a 12 month old.  Let’s face it, you have invested you time and money in me to help capture some precious family photos and I promise to make this time as easy as possible for you. 


I had the best morning with this beautiful family, I am so lucky to meet so many lovely people. I could have stayed and kept taking photos all afternoon, but I think they might have kicked me out eventually.  


Here’s a few previews for Mum and Dad, Thanks for having me.




If you are considering booking a Family Photography Session to mark a first birthday I’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch. 

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