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Becoming a Mum for the second time (almost a decade after my first baby) , turning *30* and a short bout with Post-Natal Depression after baby #3 in 2017 was a real eye opener for me. Older and wiser I started to realise a lot of things. 


  • You can’t predict the behaviour of a small child, ever!


  • Children mirror you, if you are upset and shouty – expect their behaviour to mimic yours. 


  • A hug followed up by lots of laughter is the best medicine. There is nothing a hug and a smile won't make better ( even if its temporary)  Laughter is so good for the soul!! 


  • Life is way too short to worry about having the perfect house. Instead day to day life will continue around you whilst you miss out on all the fun- yes mum you were right after all :) 


  • surround yourself with amazing people, Build your village you'll never be alone.

  • Ditch all the negativity. It feels so good to let go. 

  • Invest In memories and experiences – not toys

  • Document your life, print the photos- especially mama’s. We will die undocumented if we don’t!! 


I can now look back with almost 12 year of motherhood under my belt, Including four years as a mum of 2 and two years as a mum of 3 and see just how wrong I was. 


One of my biggest regret was not documenting my life more. I wasn’t always a photographer, although I’ve been interested in photography for many years it’s only been more recently since the birth of my 3rdchild I have had a career change.  


Yes, I have phone photos,- thousands and thousands but I don’t have many of me and where I do they are practically all selfies! We need to be present, it’s out duty to show our children their childhood - with us included!! One day with will be all they have. 


I love looking through my parents photo albums, seeing photo of my mum and in turn the few photos we have of her mum. I love being able to make comparisons of us at similar ages. It makes me so sad that our children’s generation with have thousands of photos of them taken almost every day, but barely a handful of them with their mums. 


When I get the chance to indulge a mum with beautiful photographs of herslef I make sure that I document the little details. The way your baby may hold you necklace when they feed, or they wrap their arms around your neck and snuggle in when they are tired,  or maybe even when you stop and breath in their intoxicating smell. Those are the photos you want and need. 


I was recently lucky enough to photograph a mum who’s expecting her second baby in a few short weeks. We chatted about the importance of documenting all stages of our lives, especially motherhood and in particular photographing our pregnancies. We laughed about the man’s inability to take a half decent photo of us, ones without our eyes half shut or mid blink, sporting a love double chin or even one without our heads chopped off! 


Anyway, I digress…The female body is INCREDIBLE. I don’t think we really think about it at the time, we’re too bust being mum, running around and not taking care of ourselves to realise. You are carrying and growing a baby. YOU, YOUR BODY… it’s capable of creating a human being from cells belonging to you and your loved one. How incredible is that? 


We should document this, you should be proud to show off your bump, your stretch marks, your “outie” belly buttons, you are all beautiful!


I have the best time photographing Kirsty. With maternity photographs are becoming more popular it’s important to remind everyone the maternity photography doesn’t have to look the way it has done in the past. You bump photographs don’t have to be dressed up in front of a white screen feeling a bit uncomfortable. They can be at home in your PJ’s, outside on a walk in the forest or even as Kirsty chose at home in your bedroom.


You can opt for a mum only session where we really indulge you and your beautiful baby bump similar to what Kirsty had. We can have a half and half session where we do some family photos and then a take you off for a few of just you and your bump. Or you can choose to just have photographed as a normal family session with a baby bump in the photos and you don’t even have to have a single photo of you on your own, but I would always encourage mum’s to allow me to take a few photos of you bump. You might not want any right now but one day you will be thankful you allowed me… I promise J


There are so many options, and I am always happy to be guided by mum and what she wants from her maternity photo session. It can feel daunting stripping off to have “exposed” images, so we take it step by step and see how you feel. There is no right of wrong way. Clothed or in underwear, at home, or outdoors?  Each one of my maternity sessions is tailored to how mum is feeling at the time. 


I wanted to share some of my favourite photos from my maternity photo session with Kirsty , it was so hard to pic a few so I haven’t… just look at how amazing she looks!


I hope you enjoy looking at them, and please do get in touch if you are considering hiring a Maternity Photographer, I’d love to chat to you about your ideas!


Carley x

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