Serisouly though ?! Newborn Lifestyle Photography Session Southampton

So maybe putting together two newborn blog posts at the same time wasn’t the smartest idea for me. My ovaries are going into overload! Seriously though look at these guys, I can’t scroll through this gallery of images without considering baby number 4! Hetty was just so captivating, and a true star.

Photographing lifestyle newborn sessions is without doubtthe best thing I have ever done. I truly LOVE these sessions so much and capturing all these new parents navigating a whole new world at home surrounded by love and floating along on cloud nine is just such a joyful to watch.

This style of photography is not the most common for newborn sessions in the UK, and that’s definitely true of those sessions in Southampton, but there is just something about photographing a new family in their own home that is perfect to me in every way.. It’s what drew me to this style of photography in the first place. I didn’t want to have babies propped up surrounded by flowers, I wanted authentic, real life, timeless images that you would treasure for years to come. Capturing that new bond between mummy, daddy, and their little new bundle makes my heart skip a beat. This month I have been lucky enough to photograph 3 sessions in quick succession and there really isn’t anything I could think I would rather do.

I love these Lifestyle Newborn sessions because this newborn stage is such an amazing time for any parent. There is way too much change, nowhere near an appropriate amount of sleep or hot food / drinks consumed, and a whole new life to adjust to, but my goodness it’s just amazing.

These sessions give me the chance to freeze time forever and give you the opportunity to savour and soak in that little person they have just made without guilt that they should be doing something else. They’re full of love, snuggles, nursing chairs, and sweet, sweet interactions that are impossible to recreate at a studio.

My newborn sessions will allow you to look back in years to come and remember those first days. How long the days were, how heavy your eyes were and just how testing they were…but hopefully they will help transport you back to the time were nothing else mattered, when you days rolled into one, BUT life never felt so good.

Get in touch if you think you would like to look at alternative newborn photography in and around Southampton, Hampshire.

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