10 "Fun Facts" - come on you know you want to be noseyI

Okay, So it's been SIX WHOLE MONTHS since I launched Thursday's Child Photogtaphy ( I have no idea where that time has gone) It has been bought to my attention that I should really step outside my comfort zone and put myself in front of the lens so you can meet me. So in an attempt to introuduce myself I roped my my daughter to help take a photo of me where I am wearing actual make up, I've brushed my hair and my clothes arent smeared with bean juice or weetabix... I think she's done a great job (must be in the genes, thank you sweeite)

So for those who dont know me, Hi I’m Carley, the one behind the lens and hopefully the person you'll trust to take your Family Photos one day.

In an attempt to help you get to know me here are 10 fun facts about me...

1. I met my partner Jack at one of my best friend’s weddings in 2010, our eyes met across the dance floor (actual true story) and I missed most of the evening sat on a bench outside freezing to death whilst drunkenly trying to chat up a perfect handsome stranger.

2. Jack and I have had 3 children Lola (10), Otis (3) and Joss (1). No, we are not having anymore!!

3. When I was 5 I wanted to be a ballet teacher or an author. I’m now I’m neither but I have landed in a creative role, so I must have known deep down I was never an academic!!

4. My guilty pleasure is drinking my tea through a Twix as a straw (YUMMY) 😋

5. My dream job is...well I just might be doing it 📷 It’s hard work juggling life, children and work but when you love what you are doing it makes it all worthwhile.

6. I'm afraid of the unknown, not being in control of everything is a daily battle. It’s pushed me to the edge and back again. I'll alwasy be a control freak but I think i'm learning to let go... slowly!

7. My first car was a Renault Clio (K Reg) with no power steering!! It cost me £995 and was a total heap of junk! It was written off when someone decided to reverse up my bonnet whilst I was giving way to another car!!

8. I love seasons, I don’t think I could live in a country where it was always hot or always cold. I love the way the colours change, when it's warm and you can throw open the doors and just let the children be free and be outside. However, I equally love snuggling up in front of the fire with a blanket, watching a film (okay falling asleep watching a film), eating chocolate and just being cosy ☺️ 🔥

9. Some of the activities I have on my bucket list are to see the Northern Lights, visit Australia, conquer a black run/ snowboard off piste and maybe get married before I’m 40 ( if I can only find someone who wants to marry me 😉)

10. I ridiculously stubborn, with a tad of OCD which can make living with me , especailly when i have PMT that little bit more fun 😉


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