School's Out For Summer ... Well almost !!

I don’t know about you but for me, especially as working mum, mean the weeks, months and years are passing by faster than ever. I can’t believe we are just about to enter into the 7th month of the year, July, the month that my first baby turns 11.  If that wasn’t scary enough it’s also the year that she starts secondary school!!!  

Time is so, so precious, it really is. Your family will never the same; they’re will continue  growing and changing right in front of your eyes, and this should be documented. This was the main reason my love for photography began. I wanted beautiful photos of my children that when they have all grown up and left home I would still be left with  something physical to hold. Something I can get out with them when they bring home their first girlfriend or boyfriend. Something we can all sit down with together with when they have had their own children and look for any families resemblances, just as I do know with my parents. 

I know you will all have a smart phone with some kind of camera and you probably take thousands of photos a year. That is all well and good when you have all the photos of your partner and children. But what about when you get back from a trip, do you look through your photos realise that you don’t see any of you with your children? No one wants to be in the position where they look back in years to come and wish there were in more photos of you all together. Sure, there are the occasional ‘selfies’ or ‘wefies’ but are they enough? Don’t get me wrong they are great, I mean there would be literally no trace of us mums if we didn’t indulge in one or two once in a while. But think about  how many of those are actually printed, displayed and appreciated like art should be? I bet 9/10 times they stay on your phone until one day something happens to it and it is all gone.

I know a lot of you will not feel confident about having your photo taken, and the sheer idea of it either send many of you into a panic. Would it surprise you all to know I am not that comfortable in front of the camera either?? Although, this year I am stepping outside my comfort zone and really pushing myself to make memories for my children that actually include me (as we said selfies don’t count). I want my children to have photographs of us having fun, but all together, with all of the people they love in the photograph, not just one parent.      

My sessions are designed to make you feel relaxed, I don’t want to make you feel awkward, I just want to capture the essence of your family, just as you are. I don’t want false smiles and stressed out mum’s and dad’s. I don’t want posed and unnatural set ups. I just want you all to come along and see our session as a family trip out. Whether that’s a trip to your local park, the beach or even just in your home or garden. As your photographer I want you to try and forget I’m even there. I want giggles, I want cuddles and most importantly I want to capture love in abundance! 

So as the school year comes to an end, now really is the best time to consider booking in for your family session with me and here a few reasons why:

- it’s the summer, we can expect warmer weather, and you will all have a healthy glow from your holidays ( we all know how a bit of colour to our skin makes us feel) -As the schools have broken up you suddenly aren’t shackled to the time restraints of term time. Often you all have booked a few days off to spend together so even more opportunity to find time to get them done 

- I can create the best ‘golden hour’ images for the you as the sun sets , and we don’t need to worry about the time as there are no early school mornings! 

- Quite often it can be a great opportunity to take some family phots to celebrate your children starting school, moving to junior or secondary or even just welcoming a new member of the family since your last photo was taken.  

- I promise to make this a fun and enjoyable experience, and a one that hopefully will bring you many memories for years to come.

So, if  are still with me and you can  relate to some of what I have said, I’d absolutely love to have a chat with you about your family photo session and get something booked in , be quick though I don’t have many spaces left! 

Carley x

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